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Several years ago, we began researching lavender as a possible crop to grow on our small farm located just outside the city limits of Lubbock, TX. What we discovered is our semi-arid climate with the sandy soil on the South Plains would be ideal for growing lavender.
In the spring of 2020, our family began preparations…the field tilled, weed barrier laid, drip irrigation installed, and five varieties of lavender plants purchased. Finally, we were ready to set the plants in the ground. The day had arrived to plant and it was going to be a scorcher! My husband looked at me and playfully said “most men give their wife a flower bouquet for Mother’s Day, but I am not like most men, so I’m giving you an array of flowers.  600 lavender to be exact and there’s one catch…planting!!”Even Lady Bird (our son’s dog) got in on the fun, deciding it was more fun to bury a tennis ball in the hole instead of the plants.
We are growing several varieties including Phenomenal, Vera, Provence and Grosso totaling over 1,100 plants.  This spring of 2022, we will add more lavender plants, focusing on adding more culinary varieties as we continue to offer our delicious simple syrups, lemonade mix, vinaigrette, dessert sauces and baking mixes. Check out our fun beverage recipes by clicking on the link below.




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