Membership Rules & Policies

You may join TLA at any time during the year.

Member in Good Standing: 

To remain a Member in Good Standing a member must pay the appropriate Membership Fee for the level of membership desired. Membership Renewal is payable on or before March 1 of each year. If Membership Renewal is not received by March 1 the membership will be considered inactive and not eligible to vote at the annual meeting. To continue to be considered a Member In Good Standing, a Member must be current in all required fees

Business Ethics:

As a nonprofit, voluntary membership organization, TLA relies on its members to work in fairness and harmony with
other members, and with loyalty towards the organization. As such, it is expected that each member practice good
business ethics towards other members and the organization as a whole. Failure to practice good business ethics toward other members and or the organization shall be cause for revoking membership.

Membership Benefits: 
A. Associate Members in Good Standing do not have a vote on TLA policies.

B. Associate Members in Good Standing shall not have their business websites linked from the TLA website.

C. Members in Good Standing shall be licensed to use the TLA logo and taglines on promotional materials
and websites, and other social media sites.

D. Members of Good Standing will be availed of any beneficial information received by TLA to promote the mission of Research, Education, Growth, Marketing Development, and Distribution of Lavender and Lavender products in Texas.

The undersigned represents that all statements and answers to all questions on this Membership Form with Texas Lavender Association are true, complete and accurate. I understand giving false information or miss statement of facts will be cause for revocation of membership.

By submitting your application or renewal, you are agreeing to TLA Membership Rules and Policies.